Tent Session

Oh my gosh these girls! I’ve been photographing these little beauty for a while.
There mom is a friend and their Uncle and Aunt are some of my best friends. I seriously just adore them and all of their ridiculously silly smiles. ❤

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Tomis & Amy – Engagement

I had been looking forward to this session for a while. These two are some of my best friends so their photos are really special to me. It also meant I had a little creative control. Tee hee. I knew the perfect location for their photos. And this place was absolutely was. It was a chilly 40 degree day here in Bama, but it was such a  beautiful day. W stuck it out and they did perfectly. I built an awesome tent (that’s available for sessions). We threw in some sentimental family quilts and some wine glasses and we were good to go!

Tomis and Amy are one of those couples you can just tell how in love they are from being around them. And I think these photos definitely show that.

Tomis and Amy, I love you guys!!!! Thank you for allowing me to capture your love. Can’t wait to be a brides maid on your wedding day!!!!!! ❤


































Is it really already 2014?

Hola all! 


I can’t believe 2013 is over! Wow, it really did fly by. It has been a good year at A. Faith Photography! I promised myself at the close of 2012 I wouldn’t over book in 2012 and I kept that promise. I photographed new and returning clients/friends! I have come to terms with realizing what I want for A. Faith Photography and where I want it go.

With the good in 2013, comes the corrections that need to made as well, those are listed below. I’ve also added a few photos I took this year that didn’t have people in them, those come few and far between. 😛

If you saw in my previous post here. That I will be charging a 25% deposit for all sessions due within 24 hours of booking. This will payable via paypal. I also, will now have the option to pay with credit card or debit card as well as the session. This still in the works of being completely worked out.

Also, all model release/contracts must be signed at the session.


Let’s talk about prints. Currently (and until further notice), I give print rights with the disc that is provided with your session. At all of my session’s I advise that you should not print at Wal-Mart, Walgreen’s, CVS, etc. Sometimes the prints do come out ok, but they are not preferable. I want your prints to look their best and I want my photography to look its best. In 2014, I will be providing online photo labs with your disc for you to print to. If its last minute and you can not wait on shipping, I recommend Cameras at Brookwood or Wolf Camera in Homewood.

Most of my clients know that I normally meet them to deliver their disc. I believe that has began to be too time consuming for my clients and myself. It can also cause delays because of scheduling conflicts on each end. Going forward in 2014 I will be delivering all package US Postal of priority ( I have had a lot of issues with regular mail). All packages will be mailed on Wednesdays.

Before or around summer of 2014, I hope to be launching my website. Shortly after this happens, I will be offering the ability to order your prints directly from me. I will still provide a disc with all of my sessions. However, print rights will have to be purchased for a small additional cost.

I wanna bring up the topic of prints again, I want to explain to you how vital it is for you to have prints of your photos. I completely understand that we are in a digital age. You can just pulled out your phone, tablet, laptop and show everyone your photos with ease. You can share them through email and Facebook. But having prints are something that you can hold, display in your home, at work without having to turn on some electronic device. Because, I do not handle any  prints from my sessions, I have never really taken the time to appreciate prints. Until, I printed out some photos I needed. It was truly something that really sparked inside of me that made me love what I do so much more. A really neat idea also, are photo books. You have a book of your whole session. How awesome is that? So, please, when you have your session I urge you to get prints made.

I also want to explain how important it is that you back up your digital copies once you have your disc. First, let me explain I am ULTRA OCD about making sure I have my sessions backed up at least three times while I am working on them. After I close out a session and I have the disc burned and delivered, the photos are backed up twice, once in RAW format and the other in Final JPEG format. Once the year is ended out, I move all RAW files from that year from my computer to an external hard drive.

About two weeks ago I went to pull something off my external hard drive that has everything from 2008-2012 backed up on it. Only to discover it is missing. Now – I know it is somewhere in my house, I just have yet to find it. But this was a really big wake up call to me and now I am backing up via cloud storage as well. So I urge you, please make sure you are backing up your photos. I suggest your CD, your computer and cloud storage (Google Drive gives you a FREE 15 gbs) or external hard drive. Computers and technology are full of errors and you never know when they’re going to fail. Protect your investment and memories.


Newborns – Yes I do photograph newborns. However, I do not specialize in newborn photography. I would love to photograph your newborn. But, my newborn sessions are always in home and they are more on the life style side photography. I respect the art of posing newborns and such, however, it is just not my style. Please see my facebook album for newborns for examples.

One more thing I wanted to throw in. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not download images from any social media, this blog or screen shot the images and then re-upload the images I photograph. Here is an example below of why not to do that below. Not only does it decrease the quality of my work but it decreases the quality of YOUR photos that I have taken of you. I will give you a disc that comes with media sharing rights, so please post once you receive 🙂

This was done as an accident, but I still wanted to show you guys. And yes, I will say the original image isn’t ultra sharp, as normal. But every time I look at the one of the left I just want to squint.


I am so very excited about 2014 and all the weddings and sessions I have already have on my calendar. If you are interested in booking a session with me, please email me at afaithphotography@gmail.com or text or call 205-207-9117.


Much love you guys ❤



Like all of my models, Nicole is one of my good friends. I photographed water themed photos of her last year. The ironic thing about Nicole is she does not do nature mixed with heat. And some how, I coax her into doing photo shoots that consider both. Last year with the water photos we encountered a snake, WHILE we were in the water. This year we only encountered bugs and dirt. This was really a random idea that I had and I love these photos. I made the crown myself, while we were there, out of random wild flowers.

Before you view the photos, I want to use this opportunity to let everyone know that I am looking for two go to models of 2013. They will be for personal session ideas I have somewhat like this one. I want a dark headed model and a blonde, preferably with long hair. Modeling experience. Must be between 18-30. Between 5’5 – 5’10 and between sizes of 2 – 6. Please message me on facebook or email me at afaithphotography@gmail.com.

I hope you guys enjoy these below.

**Please feel free to share the link to this blog but DO NOT download the images! They are strictly for web-viewing only. Please do not claim or use my photos for your own.**
























❤ Faith


So these photos are from a test shoot I did with Halle & Ladd! We were supposed to have a themed shoot I was super excited about. But unfortunately because of expenses I wasn’t able to do it! But, these are worth posting. Halle is absolutely gorgeous! And Ladd definately has a model look. What was great about these two is they’ve known each other all of their lives. So they were very natural around each other. 🙂

**Please feel free to share the link to this blog but DO NOT download the images! They are strictly for web-viewing only. Please do not claim or use my photos for your own.**













Amy – Styled shoot – Part 1

Ekkkk! I have been waiting to post this session for a while now.

This is one of my concepts. I had the idea in my head for a while.  Unfortunately, like always, things didn’t go as planned. We were late getting out to my location – which I really hated since I like to give myself time to shoot. Amy, myself and our friend Crysta had to carry the chair thru the location we were at, which was very rocky.  We really should have had Amy’s fiance’ there. I wish there would have been a tad more sun. There were a few other things that I am probably nit picking about. But overall I feel this shoot was successful. And of course, AS ALWAYS, Amy is beautiful and such a wonderful model. These were in May.

Special thanks to Crysta for covering hair and make up for me.

I don’t know if its because I’m OCD about organization. But, I have decided to split this session post up. One of the color photos and one of the B&W. I really hope you guys enjoy these. I incorporated a lot of my personal style into them, especially since I had free rein!

**Please feel free to share the link to this blog but DO NOT download the images! They are strictly for web-viewing only. Please do not claim or use my photos for your own.**


















❤ Faith